Our Mission: Dental Health

Our mission is to provide each patient the highest quality comprehensive dental care, enabling our patients to achieve optimal dental health for a lifetime.

Long term dental health is a shared experience and involves a combination of concepts:

1.Careful diagnosis and planning
2.Meticulous technical execution
3.Commitment to home care and a balanced diet
4.Maintenance visits.

Following these concepts can keep future problems to an absolute minimum.

Our excellent dental services of preventive, corrective and cosmetic care are committed to these concepts. At the heart of our services:

Our Professional Staff of Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants and Business Administrators work together as a team dedicated to meeting your needs in a gentle, reassuring manner. Your concerns and needs are important to us, so we encourage you to share them openly. Additionally, our staff is enthusiastically committed to expanding their skills and sharing in your dental health needs through continued education courses.

Our Quality Infection Control Procedures adhere to the latest safety techniques as recommended by the American Dental Association and carefully follow all guidelines for sterilization practices required by the National Center for Disease Control. If you have any questions regarding the infection control procedures utilized in our office, please ask any staff member.

Once teeth are lost people realize for the first time how wonderful they were. Teeth are for living and enjoying life, for allowing us to eat the right kinds of foods to preserve and protect our health. Additionally, they also affect our appearance and our overall self-esteem.